Frustrated Silver Surfer

by | Feb 4, 2012 | Comic Verse | 0 comments

I’m sitting at my desk again, trying hard not to cry,
waiting for my laptop to restart again so I
can find some amusement. And what’s the reason why?

 ‘Cos I’m too old to go to work – no-one wants me any more,
so I’ve got to find some other things to fill my life, for sure,
’til God sends his disciples to come knocking on my door. 

I’ve tried to read, but tiny printed words I cannot see.
I’ve walked my limping dogs, but that’s not far enough for me,
and my friends are all so busy, visiting their family. 

I suppose I could read my pile of post, but that’s a chore.
Most of it is junk mail, or stuff I’ve had before.
I wonder why they still keep putting it through my door?  

The TV’s very boring, as I’m sure you’ll all agree,
and housework doesn’t take long when there’s only dogs and me,
so I’ll sit with pen and paper composing poetry. 

My friend up North suggested that I should sit and knit,
but that’s not so easy now my hands are so arthritic,
and as for sitting painting – I’m not at all artistic! 

I’ve joined lots of social groups and I have to say,
I’ve managed to fill up nearly every day.
I suppose I could get my keyboards out and play. 

But this silver surfer’s not content with any of that,
and it costs too much to ring someone to have a little chat.
I just need my laptop to be working, and that’s the end of that!