IT is a four letter word

by | Feb 4, 2012 | Comic Verse, Humour | 0 comments

Quill pens, ledgers – bring them all back,
throw away computers on a disused railway track.
Bury them deep and plant over lots of trees,
or take them to the bottom of the deepest seas! 

I don’t think we were this stressed fifty years ago.
except when we couldn’t get through the driving snow.
So much information, how can one take it in?
and do we need it for our happiness within? 

I remember when we had our first computers –
they were bigger than a pile of invalid scooters!
There was an army of personnel pumping info in,
and a forest load of trees spewed out, which ended in the bin. 

Clerks wrote very neatly and were proud of their work,
and typists got it right first time, or else it would irk.
Information came from an encyclopedia,
and we didn’t have to believe all the rubbish in the media! 

People had conversations, using their voices,
not their fingers texting, making irritating noises.
Next door neighbours would come in for some tea –
now they’re all alone, playing on their Wii! 

So I think IT is a four letter word,
we’re out of control, it has become absurd.
Bring back happiness, contentment and some cheer
and see if we could improve our lot within the coming year. 


I’ll forgive them for a minute because they do have some uses –
I’ve just Googled how to do something to avoid more abuses!