Snow is thawing

by | Feb 6, 2012 | Proper Poetry, Seasons | 0 comments

Snow is thawing all around –
there’s lot’s of birds, and cars, and sound.
Dogs are watching, cats are clawing, 
and lots of snow thawing, thawing.


Dogs are barking on the couch –
had their walk, but want their pouch.
They’ve been out sniffing, been a-larking,
Now they’re restless, barking, barking. .


Trees are dripping with melted snow – 
Plants are green and trying to grow.
The ground is soggy, birds are skipping,
All is slush and dripping, dripping.



You would need to have read my “Snow is falling” poem first for this one to make much sense!
There is also a full version of this poem in Doggie Ditties “A Snowy Weekend”.