Our amusements

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Doggy Ditties | 0 comments

Here we are again back safe in our car –
we’ve had a good walk, but not too far –
our stiff legs can’t run so far these days,
so we get our amusement in other ways.

Our mum rolls a ball for us around in our run,
but not for long cos there’s a man with a gun
who lives next door and if he hears us day or night
he’ll fire it at our fence to give us all a fright.

We like next door’s cat who gets walked on a lead –
we think that he really looks cool indeed
as we watch from the window, but then Jez starts to shout
and mum comes along and makes us go out.

We run round in circles, then roll on the rug,
and sometimes will leap on our mum for a hug.
We’ve got chewy bones to keep our teeth clean
and some strong rubber toys to bite in between.

Then there’s a rope thing to play tug-o-war,
but I rarely play now – Jez’ll win for sure.
But what we really like to do best these days
is curl up on our rugs on the couch and just laze!

Jezebel & Myschka 11 years old