I'm working on it

by | Mar 5, 2012 | Comic Verse, helium.com, Humour | 0 comments

People are coming to visit me
so I need to sort things out.
I need to clear the pile of paper,
not leave it lying about –
I’m working on it.

The garden is in a dreadful mess,
I really should mow the lawn,
renew the cover on the hammock
as the old one is so torn –
I’m working on it.

The garage has so much junk stored up
there is no room for the car.
I need to take it all to the dump,
it really is not that far –
I’m working on it.

The washing needs doing very quick,
the bin is overflowing,
and there’s no clean walking socks to wear
in my boots if it’s snowing –
I’m working on it.

The spare room’s full of my ironing,
I’m almost out of fresh shirts,
but my wardrobe’s so full of old clothes
which to throw away, just hurts –
I’m working on it.

The washing up is mounting up high.
It’s all piled up near the sink.
I’m nearly out of clean coffee cups
in which to put a hot drink –
I’m working on it.

I’ve many much better things to do,
I’ve no time to do these chores.
I’ve been out gallivanting most days,
cos I hate to stay indoors.
I’m working on it.

I’m working on filing my paper work;
I’m working on sorting my garden mess;
I’m working on clearing my garage junk;
I’m working on making my washing less;
I’m working on getting my ironing done;
I’m working on washing up my dishes;
I’m working on putting an advert in
for a fairy to grant all my wishes!


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