Man's Best Friend

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My best friend, you always walked by my side;
you were ever there as my faithful guide.
You served as my eyes, and also my ears,
as you led me down the dark path of fears.
I would have been lost without your brave aid,
as you took me back to the track we’d made
through those scary woods, out to the open
so I could find our way back home again.

My best friend, you sat at home by my side;
you looked up with love, I looked down with pride.
You depended on me, and I on you;
you were my companion in all I do.
You were there to talk to, love and caress,
you heeded each word, you felt my distress.
You were sad without me, I without you,
we were joined up in spirit, just we two.

My best friend, last week you died by my side;
and ever since, so many tears I have cried.
You’re in doggy heaven, high in the sky.
No more walks in the woods, just you and I.
No more balls to throw, as we used to play.
No more cuddles at the end of the day.
Now all I’ve left are the mem’ries I share,
some photos of you, a bag of your hair.

Written for to replace the Acrostic poem below which wasn’t scoring very well.
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Man’s best friend,
Always is by your side ,
Never let’s you down,
Stays where you decide.

Barks at strangers –
“Everyone beware!
Steer well clear of me,
Take heed – I’m there!”

Fun to walk with
Ready to defend
I know that he’ll be
Ever loyal ’til the end.
Now I’m sure you’ll agree –
Dog is Man’s Best friend! 

An Acrostic Poem written for – I was ranked 8th out of 8. I don’t think they liked it very much!! Perhaps the raters don’t understand Acrostic poetry.