Yeldon & Newton Bromswold

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Ramblers’ walk 03.04.12

Barbara and I only did the second half of the 7m walk that was scheduled, due to Barbara having a bad knee. As it was a figure of eight walk, we were able to join the others an hour or so into the walk at Yeldon church.

After a break for a coffee and a nibble we then proceeded across the fields from Yeldon and on to Newton Bromswold. Not a walk for a hot day, as there was no shade, but perfect for this time of year, although the farmer had actually planted over the designated footpath, so we had to make our way across the planting at one point.

We stopped in the churchyard in Newton Bromswold to admire the primroses, celandines and fritillaria that abounded. I also took a photo of my friends, Dave and Shirley’s house from the churchyard, before continuing on our way back to the Chequers in Yeldon for an adequate lunch.

I finished off the day with a visit to my old friends, who are selling up when they have finished renovating their new French pad, an 18th century farmhouse in 10 acres. I don’t know how they can bear to leave their fantastic house in Newton Bromswold they had built on a plot they bought some ten years ago, but I suppose 10 acres of French farmland is an adequate substitute.


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