Martha's Magic Meatballs

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In her madness, mild-mannered Martha mistakenly mixed mustard into the miniature meatballs made for the meal at the Mad March meeting of Manchester Masons. Meanwhile, making sure the musical melodies were meaningful, Master of Ceremonies, Micky Mercury, masticated merrily on the marvelous morsels. “Mmmmmm. These meatballs are moorish”, he mumbled, mopping his mucky mustache, and mentioned that maybe Martha might make more to merchant at the Mayor’s Meat Market on Monday morning. 

Martha magically managed to make more in her mysterious method, maintaining that the meatballs were mainly made of a medley of mutton mince mixed with mushrooms,  musky moroccan maze and a miniscule amount of marjoram. Micky moaned that he meant for a mammoth amount to be made, but Martha muttered she had made the maximum amount with the meager amount of money remaining, and motioned that missing money might be mentioned if he moved for manufacturing more. Micky took a moment to muse. Martha then remarked that Micky’s mother was making marzipan macaroons with mango and mandarin marmalade for Mardi Gras, and had made off with the missing money. No more money, no more meatballs!

Meticulous as ever, Martha went for a manicure to match her magenta maternity outfit she was meaning to wear for the meeting, but found it needed mending and she had to make do with a multicoloured smock and maroon mules. 

Martha motored back to the marketplace, meandering along in her Morris Minor. Micky, in the meantime, had managed to manipulate more management money out of the Mayor. However, motoring along, Martha’s Morris met with a monstrous motor home driven by a macho motor mechanic munching a Mighty Meaty MacDonald’s. It was a major accident. The Morris was mangled up. Medics came but Martha was mortally injured and minutes later moved to the morgue.

No more meatballs would ever match Martha’s. The Mayor and Micky Mercury were mortified. Under a massive magnolia tree near the market, a marble memorial was mounted in her memory, filled with morning glory and marigolds. The monument was marked  “In Memory of Martha who made a mean meatball.”


March 2012 Creative Writing homework –  flash fiction – 350 words with the use of various “M” words