Welcome Spring

by | Apr 18, 2012 | Creative Writing, Seasons, Trois-par-Huit poetry | 0 comments

Spring flowers,
days with much longer hours,
buds are sprouting on the bare-branched trees.

Butterflies emerging from the long winter freeze,
flutter around our gardens on the gentle breeze.

Spawn in the pond, frogs have been mating.
Birds all now sit and sing:
“Welcome Spring!”


Creative writing homework March 2012
Trois-par-Huit (Three-by-Eight) = 3 stanzas of 3/3/2 lines or 3/2/3 lines, total of 8 lines, syllable count 3/6/9/12/12/9/6/3, rhyming pattern AABBBCCC
where the last line is the title and summarizes the meaning of the poem.