Ardkinglas Woodland Garden – an unexpected delight

by | Apr 21, 2012 | Nexus, Scotland | 0 comments

Ardkinglas Woodland Garden was a totally unexpected delight. We had been travelling all through the night from Northamptonshire, having left at 1am, and were tired and wanting breakfast at about 9.30am when I saw a sign for these gardens, just before we got to the top of Loch Fyne, on the route to our final destination at Loch Awe. I decided we could stop and perhaps have our picnic breakfast in the car park. Better than that though, there were picnic tables set out for us ready, under trees just by the entrance to the garden. I parked up eagerly, in anticipation of the delights of my friend’s picnic hamper.

Garden? Would that my garden were like this one! Take a look at some of the sixty odd photos I took in there! What a find! And what a good start to our holiday.The only trouble was, we were not expecting the garden to be so big, or so steep in some places and didn’t take our walking poles with us. Our knees aren’t so good these days at going up, or down even, in hilly areas!

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