Rain, rain, go away!

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Some kids have gone to Sunday camp,
they’ve lit a fire, and lit a lamp,
it’s rained for days, their field’s a swamp,
It’s very damp, it’s very damp!

Some have gone on ‘away-day’ train,
thirty quid there and back again,
they’re going to get wet, it’s plain,
it’s constant rain, it’s constant rain!

Workers have got a day of rest,
to make their gardens look their best,
but rain keeps coming from the west,
it’s such a test, it’s such a test!

Holidaymakers on the shore,
wearing macs and wellies galore,
need bigger brollies, that’s for sure,
it’s raining more, it’s raining more!

Cricket teams have abandoned play,
Sunday fairs now don’t seem so gay,
garden visits are off today.
Rain go away, rain go away!

The streets, like rivers are awash,
so stay at home and save your dosh!
If not, you’ll need your mackintosh –
You won’t look posh, you won’t look posh!

Bedraggled dogs pass by and shake,
their wet fur as they overtake,
owners apologies do make –
that’s a mistake, that’s a mistake!

All it does is just pour and pour,
it stops awhile, then pours some more,
it’s rained more now than e’er before,
that is for sure, that is for sure!

It just keeps raining cats and dogs,
it’s only fit for ducks and frogs,
fetch for the fire more coal or logs –
you’ll need your clogs, you’ll need your clogs!

Our waterboard was getting tough,
our fields were dry, our crops were rough,
not much to drink in cattle trough –
but now enough, but now enough!

So here we are, it’s dark and dank,
we can our waterboard now thank,
for hosepipe ban, when levels sank –
we’ve filled the tank, we’ve filled the tank!


Monotetra Poetry – four lines in each verse in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables. The last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have one stanza or many stanzas.

Homework for our Creative Writing Group to be read at our May meeting