Aunt Molly's Rabbits

by | May 17, 2012 | Creative Writing | 0 comments

“He is such a rambunctious varmint, that pesky fox,” said Aunt Molly, “he’s fair chewed his way through the roots of my cherry tree, and I never get any cherries any more these days.”

“Mind you, the reticulation of the ablaqueated roots of that tree has been used as a hiding place for the bunch of rabbits he’s been after, so it could have been caused by them already.”

I laughed and said “Well you’d better get the whole tree chopped down then, Aunt Molly, you could use the wood for firewood, or else get it made into some xyloid carvings to enhance the garden.”

“Now, there’s an idea,” she said.

That was a year ago.

A month ago I got married. It was so embarrassing. Aunt Mollie was the pronubial registrar. She had arranged for a carillion of bells to play the tune of ‘Bright Eyes’ to welcome me to the church which was continued by the organist as I walked down the aisle. She knew I loved Watership Down as a child. But that was not all she did. You’ll never guess what she gave me for my wedding present.

I couldn’t believe it. My wedding present was a set of carved cherry wood rabbits, which served to evince that she had taken my advice about chopping down the old tree!

Such a shame she didn’t live to see them in pride of place in my garden. I can’t believe she died last week. I’ll miss her.


Creative Writing homework for Word Vault competition using the words ablaqueate, carillion, evince, pronubial, rambunctious, reticulation and xyloid in under 250 words.