I'm not impressed

by | Jun 7, 2012 | helium.com, Rhyming Poetry | 0 comments

You drive in your flashy car,
but I’m not at all impressed.
You say you have travelled far
and you think you are the best.

But how do you show you care?
What do you do for others?
Have you ever had to share
as we have done as mothers?

Your house has grand ornaments
but no sign of love within.
Ornaments from elephants,
with no thought that it’s a sin.

You think you know everything.
You bully us all around.
You listen not when we sing,
your voice drowns every sound.

For once it would be novel
for you to ask how we are,
and not boast of all your travel
in those countries near and far.

You boast in foreign language
and belittle everyone.
You think you’re full of knowledge
and at ev’rything have shone.

But have you any good friends?
Those that love you for what you do,
those that come when it depends,
and those that depend on you?

I think not. You’re just a sham.
A gilded shell with no soul.
Self-obsessed, selfish madam
live on in your gilded bowl.

I’m not impressed with your house.
I’m not impressed with your car.
I’ll sit quiet as a mouse
while you glory as a star.


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