My Nerves

by | Jun 11, 2012 | Comic Verse, | 0 comments

My nerves are in shreds and I’m ready to scream
I’ve just had enough of the noise where I’ve been.
How can sixteen people sound so like a crowd?
And why do they all have to talk very loud?
Is it me?

One woman there joins in each conversation,
putting to rights what’s wrong with the nation.
If she misses something it must be resaid,
and she’ll argue the toss with her view instead.
Is it her?

One bloke thinks he knows ev’rything about all.
He’ll waffle on and on from morn ’til nightfall.
No-one listens and no-one gives a damn
but still he will drone on as long as he can.
Is it him?

Two people repeat everything that is said –
can’t they have a new conversation instead?
Or they will recount every last episode
of their favourite TV – how that does goad!
Is it them?

Some just sit quiet and nod or shake their head.
I wonder if they hear what has just been said,
or if they are just being very polite,
to keep the raconteurs happy for the night.
Is that right?

I’ve one on one side, and one on the other,
one’s sparring with his wife,  one with her brother.
My nerves are shattered and I can’t hear a thing
and I can’t wait to go home and hear birds sing.
Is it time?



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