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Starting tomorrow I’m going to stop procrastination –
I’ve got important things to do that need my attention.
I need to get on and complete all those household tasks
I keep putting off until the day someone simply asks
“Why haven’t you finished them yet?”

Starting tomorrow I’m going to clear all my ironing,
even though there will be more when I’ve done all my washing.
I’m going to vacuum my bedrooms free of all the dust,
meaning all my linen will also get washed as a must.
That means some more in the basket!

Starting tomorrow I’m going to file all my papers –
I won’t get sidetracked by any other silly capers.
I’m going to dump all bills that are over ten years old –
Who cares how much I paid for that car when it’s long been sold?
Space found for some paperwork new!

Starting tomorrow I’m going to thin out my garden
and get rid of those surplus plants I’ve left out to harden.
I’ll fill a skip with all my shrub prunings and piles of weeds,
then I’ll plant some nice vegetables that I’ve raised from seeds.
That will give me more work to do!

Starting tomorrow I’m going to get up with the dawn,
and start doing these outstanding  jobs early in the morn.
I won’t stop to go on my computer ‘til they are done –
my emails and Facebook can wait, and so can all the fun.
I need some organisation!

Starting tonight I won’t stay sitting on my sofa late
watching old movies and other TV programmes I hate.
I’ll go to bed nice and early, say after News at Ten,
it will make it easier to get up earlier then.
Away with procrastination!

Starting tomorrow I think I’ll stop all this worrying –
I’ve managed alright so far without all this hurrying.
I’ll carry on doing what I have always done before.
Why should I even bother to do anything else more?
Procrastination works for me!

Starting tomorrow I will do the same as yesterday
I’ll leave everything I should do ‘til another day.
I’ll sit about doing things on my computer until lunch
then I will stop for a quick cup of coffee and a munch.
That routine suits me well, you see.


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