A Quiet Place

by | Jul 17, 2012 | helium.com, Rhyming Poetry | 0 comments

There is a quiet place I go when I am very stressed
to say a little prayer in the hope that I’ll be blessed.
There is nothing else down there besides a few old ash trees
and in the summer time, some tweeting birds and buzzing bees.

I take a while to contemplate how life’s been up ‘til now,
I shed a tear or two whilst sitting on the fallen bough,
but soon the miracle of nature captivates my soul
as I watch some tiny ants scuttling in and out a hole.

The leaves are rustling on the trees as I dry my sad tears
and start to thank God for all my blessings over the years.
A little time with nature puts life into perspective,
and I return to work – that quiet place was effective.