What the world needs now

by | Jul 19, 2012 | helium.com | 0 comments

What the world needs now is more love and less pain,
what England needs now is sunshine and less rain.
What our world needs is to get on together,
what England needs is some much better weather!

We’re never satisfied whatever we do,
we envy each other wealth and good health too.
We never seem happy with our humdrum lives
and husbands envy all other men’s wives.

Some countries are richer in oil with good wealth,
but others are poor and have really bad health.
What the world needs now is help from one and all
when less fortunate people into bad luck fall.

I’ve wrestled with apt words to write in this spot
but nothing I say will change things a lot.
The world will go on destroying each other,
and old England’s weather will always bother.


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