Time in a bottle

by | Jul 20, 2012 | helium.com, Rhyming Poetry | 0 comments

If I could have put time in a bottle
and saved it somehow for much later on,
I would have had the best days of my life
put into my mother’s big demijohn.

Most days of my childhood would be in there –
they seemed to always be spent in the sun,
days on the beach building huge sandcastles,
days with my friends having all sorts of fun.

Next layer to put in would be my teen age –
to my schooldays I would gladly return,
but second time round I would study more
and leave all those boys I met well alone.

Would I have put in my first marriage years?
I suppose that I most probably would.
Some of the time I spent mopping my tears,
but most of the rest of the time was good.

In would go the days spent with my children –
blessed days, but all too soon they grew up.
I’d have a new bottle for each of them,
and drink that time with a special cup.

I’d pour in a whole lot of ’88 –
that year was a good turning point for me,
the year that I got my life together,
the year that I learned just how to be free.

I’d put in a bit of the next few years –
well, some of the better days anyway,
but I’d have some of ’88 well mixed
and poured into each and every day.

By now my bottle would be getting full,
but I am sure I could find some more room
for the high days and holidays I’ve had
and the days that have not been filled with gloom.

I would drink from my bottle quite slowly,
I wouldn’t want to waste a single drop.
When my bottle was finally empty,
I’d fill it back up again to the top.

Written as an assignment for Helium.com submitted 05/08/12