Tatton Park RHS Show

by | Jul 22, 2012 | Best of British | 0 comments

I was lucky enough to have been invited to join them on a coach trip to Tatton Park RHS Show by one of our local flower arranging societies. We had a very cheerful and amusing coach driver, who kept us entertained and was extremely patient while we sat for 90 odd minutes in a traffic jam on the M6, then kindly allowed us an extra hour before returning home at the end of the day. Boy did we need that extra hour too!

There was so much to see. We did actually manage to get all the way around, but the last hour or so was a very hurried look at the miniature gardens where I would have liked to have spent more time. However, we dallied a while in the flower arrangments marquee, where, in my opinion, the piece de resistance was the NAFAS exhibit, depicting a rowing boat on the river Thames in front of the Houses of Parliament, complete with fireworks in the background.

Then we found the area where we were tempted to spend loads of money on our gardens, but fortunately we couldn’t find the very colourful wheeled trolleys that everyone else was carrying their purchases around in, so we only bought what we could carry. We found the trolleys nearly at the end, when we went back in the last fifteen minutes to look for some more plants to take home, but fortunately we resisted the urge to buy more.

It was a very impressive show. The theme in general was the Olympics, and there were many colourful displays depicting various different sports. Some people have wonderful imaginations. We were lucky with the weather, but they had taken good precautions in the grounds to ensure that we could all walk around without getting muddy with metal walkways the perimeter of the grounds, and along each lane of stalls. Everywhere there had been mud they had scattered wood chippings to ensure our feet stayed clean. Reluctantly but tired, we made our way back to the minibus which returned us back to our coach. It had been a fantastic day out, but not really long enough to see everything properly. Such is the way with exhibitions though.

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