London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Underworld – Caliban’s Dream Youtube video tells most of the story
of how Great Britain excelled herself this year in all her glory.
London Twenty Twelve opening ceremony went without a hitch,
unlike the early mix up of the Korean flags on Cardiff’s football pitch. 

Two hundred and four countries entered their Olympic team
of hopeful young atheletes hoping to achieve their lifetime dream.
Never before has anyone witnessed such a magnificent scene
depicting Great Britain’s events in recent history that there have been.

Our Great British humour just had to take a big part
as James Bond helped our Queen “parachute” in for the start,
then as our music was played by orchestral string
our Mr Bean was on the piano, doing his thing. 

As we  viewed events of the past unfolding in the arena before us
we were proud to be British, from our land, happy and glorious,
then the teams from each Nation all trooped proudly past
with a child clutching a copper ‘petal’ to be saved until last.

Flag bearers all planted their flags on our little Olympic ‘mountain’
and laid their little copper ‘petals’ down in a symbolic fountain.
At last, but not least, Team GB brought up the rear
and our supporting crowd let out an uproarious cheer.

With all the athletes gathered in their groups in the centre
we waited and waited for the Olympic Torch to enter
The last leg of the relay was on a speedboat in the night
‘steered’ by Beckham, illuminated in a blaze of bright light.

Then in came Steve Redgrave carrying the torch in his hand
and the cheer of the people could be heard throughout our land.
Seven young athletes were ready to take their little flames
to ignite the huge cauldron for the start of the games.

We all held our breath and the crowd all fell silent again
as each ‘petal’ flame rose up in an awesome fountain.
Tears fell and the stadium crowd let out a roar
as we admired a spectacle never seen before.

Our Queen stood up to declare the games under way
we finished off with a magnificent firework display.
Seven years of planning had all come perfectly together,
and nothing went wrong, not even the weather!


Underworld – Caliban’s Dream