Brigstock walk with the Strollers

by | Aug 14, 2012 | A-walking we will go | 0 comments

 We had a slightly uphill walk from the start at the Green Dragon, up Stable Hill and along Lyveden Road until we arrived at some steps, or an alternative less steep ramp, which took us up and over the main A6116 road, and into the entrance area to Fermyn Woods. I believe we walked the orange route, which was thankfully through trees, as it was a very hot day. However, after the heavy rains of the previous months and specifically last night, the paths were very muddy at times, so inevitably we got our boots caked in mud. In spite of the clogging mud in places, it was a very pleasant walk.

My companions who I had brought with me in my car did not want to stop for lunch at the Green Dragon as they had commitments in the afternoon, but the menu looked very good at £4.95 for one course, and £6.95 to include a starter and a dessert. It would be worth a second visit to have a longer look around the picturesque village. Perhaps the walk around the country park could be made first, leaving the cars near the steps to Fermyn Woods to avoid the car park charges, then move them nearer to the Green Dragon for lunch followed by a stroll around the village after lunch. This would avoid the long, less interesting drag along Lyveden Road next time we do it.

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