Their Second Date

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They had only met once before, but it  had been instant attraction, and neither of them could wait to see each other again. Felix was wearing his best black suit, and Gemma had spent ages making herself look really beautiful for the occasion. Now she sat waiting at her door looking for signs of him arriving, ready to run out to him before someone in the house spotted him. She knew her mum wouldn’t approve of him, nor would her dad. They thought she was too young to date. Her last boyfriend had been driven from her door by her dad.

Finally she spotted him, just strolling nonchalantly around the corner. Oh, how handsome he looked in his black suit with his white waistcoat. Gemma was totally enraptured. She smiled to herself as she slipped out of the house and ran eagerly to greet him.

Just as Gemma reached Felix, a loud yell rang out. “Gemma!” It was her dad. Out he came, brandishing a big metal tray, banging it angrily with a spoon. Felix fled. Gemma ran to the lavender bushes nearby and hid underneath them, quaking. She wondered wistfully if she would ever see Felix again, but she was not going to move from under the lavender bush until everything had calmed down. It was such a hard life being a cat in love.


A ten minute tale written at Creative Writing class from the first line prompt.
Submitted to 15.08.2012