The Scarecrow's Lament

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Comic Verse,, Seasons | 0 comments

“He’s not very smart,” I’ve heard them say
cos I’m dressed in rags, in an odd way,
but I’ve stood in this field ev’ry day.

Waving my arms in the summer breeze
I’ve stood in rain, til it’s made me sneeze
and I’ve nearly fallen to my knees.

I’ve stood in winds, and even in snows
and nearly drowned in the rain that goes
dripping, and dripping from my nose.

I stood suffocated in the wheat
in that hot intolerable heat,
and I never had a thing to eat.

I’ve done my job, and I’ve done my best,
scared all the crows, and have passed the test,
now it’s time for me to take a rest.

People have shot at me with a gun.
But now all my work is almost done
what am I going to do for fun?

Someone said I could become a Guy.
What that person could be, know not I,
but I think I might give it a try.

Oh no, they have put me on a fire
Strung me up here with a piece of wire,
and now the flames are getting higher!

Goodbye cruel world, and goodbye crows,
and goodbye everything that grows,
I think that I’m burning from my toes!