Kennel Blues

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Doggy Ditties | 0 comments

I think I like it here, but I’m not sure why I’ve come,
it may be cos I was bad when I was out with Mum.
The kennel maids are very nice, they take me out to play,
they groom me, feed me, walk me and change my blanket every day.

My sister has been sent here too, but she’s MUCH worse than me
she barks at all the other dogs and jumps on my Mum’s knee.
I’m glad I’ve got my sister here, although she is a pain,
at least she’s company for me while Mum’s gone off again

Ol’ Jasper down the lane here is much worse off than us,
they say that his mum died last week – run over by a bus.
He’s waiting to be rescued, or else they’ll put him down,
I don’t know what that means, but they say it with a frown.
Ol’ Jasper has such a doleful look, I know it must be bad,
and when anyone comes to talk to him, they seem so very sad.

The other dogs are quite annoying when in my run they peep,
or else they howl, or bark or yap when I am trying to sleep.
I wish my Mum would come quite soon, is that her car I hear?
I know she will collect me soon, she did the same last year.


“Written” by Myschka 28.04.2006