Down Memory Lane

by | Oct 13, 2012 | Creative Writing,, Rhyming Poetry | 0 comments

Last night in my dreams I walked down memory lane,
I never thought I would take that old road again,
but the years fled away as I slept the night hours
and I stepped back into that carefree life of ours.

We rode to the coast and took a stroll on the pier,
carrying our helmets and all our leather gear.
Sundays and holidays, even days in the rain,
we’d ride on our motor bikes, there and back again.

We were married and in love and so full of fun,
in those long Summer days as we basked in the sun.
Our kids were building sandcastles down on the beach
while you and I were jumping the waves just in reach.

My dream moved along spanning many happy years,
forgetting the bad times when we shed painful tears,
and when I awoke with a big smile on my face,
I felt you by my side in your usual place.

Those days are long gone now and we are old and grey,
but we’re still happy, in a comfortable way.
Memories are fading into a muddled fog
as now we walk our lane hand in hand, with our dog. 


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