Oktoberfest gone awry

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“Never again!”  I said sheepishly, as I lifted myself painfully out of bed.

“How many times have I heard you say that, Lesley?” replied Alison. “And you’ll do it again next time, and the time after…”

“No, I really mean it this time. I’ve learned my lesson now.”

We had been to the carnival the day before. It seemed like a good idea at the time to combine my hen party with the biggest annual event in town, and when my friend Alison had suggested it, I had jumped at the chance. Now in the cold light of day, I wondered where it had all gone wrong.

It had started off okay, of course. We had dressed up in our tartan outfits we had bought on a whim, to wear on the long October weekend we had booked in Scotland.  We had found tartans to match our names, and bought them on-line. I was wearing my red and blue tartan mini-kilt, teamed with bright blue tights, a bright blue polo neck jumper, and a pair of red knee high leather boots.  My friend Alison had fashioned me a tartan veil attached to a tiara out of the matching scarf, which I placed atop my curly scarlet wig. I really looked the biz, I thought. Alison was dressed in a similar way, only her tartan was in turquoise and bright blue which she teamed with similar red accessories to match the red stripe in the tartan.

What a pair we looked! Off we went merrily with our other friends that were staying in the city hotel with us. The carnival was fantastic, and we met up with a group of guys out on a stag do. The future groom and his best man had a similar idea as us, and had dressed up too. Stuart and Keith their names were, and they had tartans to match, and were wearing blue curly wigs. Keith and Alison seemed to be getting along very well together, and Stuart was good fun. We chatted a lot about our forthcoming weddings, and what our partners were like. We seemed to have quite a lot in common, but were both feeling a bit nervous about the commitments we were about to make. However, we agreed that we both loved our partners deeply.

We went on all the exciting rides at the carnival. I sat with Stuart on most of the rides whilst my friends’ cameras were snapping away merrily, and on the Reverse Bungee ride, our friends paid for a video of the whole performance, screams and all. Then we bought hamburgers and hot-dogs, before piling into the beer tent. My friends and I don’t like beer much, so we only had a half pint each, while the guys were competing with each other to see who could drink the fastest pint.

As darkness fell, the guys told us about a nearby bar where they serve a huge range of cocktails that they thought we girls might like to try. We didn’t need much persuading.

We were out to party, party, party! I remember the first half hour. We walked into the bar the guys had recommended, and I ordered a round of cocktails for us girls. My friends picked cocktails with fancy names, like ‘Sex on the Beach’, ‘Any Port in a Storm’ and the town’s local ‘Scotty Special’, but in my infinite wisdom I decided to try an ‘Oktoberfest Orgasm’ which the bar had concocted especially for that weekend’s celebrations. Wow! It sure had a kick to it! It was pretty tasty too. My friends bought me another, and another…..

My friends started egging me on to down the drinks in one, and I did manage to do a couple of them, but there is only so much fluid that one can consume before nature calls. I made my way through the crowded bar to the loo. Alison followed me, just in case. Just as well! I was starting to stagger a bit.

On our way back from the loo, I virtually bumped into Stuart. He and his friends had decided to come to the bar to see if we girls had actually come there on their advice. They had decided that they would be able to have a much better night out in our company, he told me. I winked at Stuart.

“You mean Keith wanted to see Alison again,” I said knowingly. “I saw how well they were getting on together at the carnival.”

“Well, I wanted to see you again too,” replied Stuart, as he put his arm around me. “There’s something about you that really turns me on.”

I suddenly felt a familiar tingle running down my spine. I hadn’t felt this way for a long time, well not for a couple of years anyway; back when I first met Andrew. I looked to see where Alison was. She had already made her way back to our group of friends, who by this time had met up with all the other guys in Stuart’s stag group.

“Don’t worry about Alison,” laughed Stuart. “She is well occupied with Keith now.”

Then he grabbed my arm and ushered me into a secluded corner booth at the back of the bar. He sat me down gently, then he firmly kissed me. I felt myself tingling again, but I couldn’t help myself returning his kiss. What harm could it do? It was my hen night after all, and my last weekend of freedom. We were miles away from home where no-one knew us, and I could rely on my friends not to tell Andrew anything about what I had got up to that weekend.

Stuart ordered some more drinks. I can’t remember what was in the ‘Oktoberfest Orgasm’ but it sure was addictive!

That is all I remember.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in our hotel room the next day, with Alison holding a cup of black coffee in front of me, and I had a painful head.

“What did I do last night?” I asked Alison tentatively.

“You don’t want to know,” she answered. “And I’m not going to tell you.”


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