Day 7 – A circular poem

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Comic Verse, November Chapbook Challenge | 0 comments

Human life began with Adam and Eve,
well that is what we all like to believe,
in Eden naked among the bushes,
except for fig leaves, sparing their blushes.

All through the ages we’ve donned more and more:
bustles, bloomers and petticoats galore. 
But then in the twentieth century
everything changed as we shook ourselves free.

We shortened our skirts just like Mary Quant,
we lowered our tops like all our men want
we exposed our midriffs, even when cold
and sometimes went backless if we were bold. 

Girls nowadays have so little to wear,
most of their body parts are almost bare.
We have gone full circle, it seems to me
maybe we’ll soon be swinging from a tree!