Day 16 – I found a better one. So there!

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Comic Verse, November Chapbook Challenge | 0 comments

I found a better one. So there!
I’d had much more than my fair share!
You caught him, hook, line and sinker
but you really caught a stinker!

I’d had more than my fill of lies,
I was fed up tying his ties.
I was cheesed off with his cheating,
and affairs he kept repeating.

I told you that you’d rue the day 
you took my man with you to stay.
But you thought then that you knew best
and now he’s shown he’s failed your test.

Most leopards do not change their spots,
and soon you’d find he had the hots.
for another younger, blonder
girl and off again he’d wander. 

I said you were welcome to him,
he wanted you just for a whim.
You thought he would stay forever,
but did he? Not likely, never!

But in the meantime I have found
a much better man, he is sound.
He would not  ever play around,
or try to drag my dreams aground.

Your just desserts have now been found –
what comes around, has gone around.
You stole my first man, fair and square.
I found a better one. So there!