Day 25 – What is this life? (Opposite view)

by | Nov 26, 2012 | November Chapbook Challenge | 0 comments

I was sauntering in the park
just before it was getting dark,
when a passing thought came to me
how forgetful sometimes are we.
I took a while to stop and stare
at a pony, and a grey mare,
I quote a very famous pome
as I thought about going home.
I asked aloud with no-one there:
‘What is this life if full of care?’

Nothing to occupy our brains,
but to dwell on our aches and pains.
Money worries, national debt,
and rising costs cause us to fret.
We have too much time now to spare,
visiting family’s quite rare.
Weekends are boring doing nout,
but taking heavy dustbins out.
We take so long tottering there
we have no time to stand and stare! 

Ringing penetrated my dream –
my mobile phone –  it made me scream.
Maybe a junk call – all I get.
“Eye test is due, did you forget?”
demanded my panicking spouse.
“You’ll have to come back to the house,
or you will never catch the bus.”
What a good thing he made a fuss!
No more time to ponder or browse;
no time to stand beneath the boughs.

I wondered then what I would do
without his help from out my stew!
It wouldn’t hurt me much I’m sure
to have checked my diary before.
I remembered my marriage vows:
better or worse, as time allows.
Senility had started to show,
it’s just as well that I had to go.
It’s not good to have time to browse
and stare as long as sheep or cows!


Exercise:- Write an opposite poem. That is, write a poem with the opposite perspective, conclusion, or form of a prior poem in the month:- “What is this life?”