Day 29 – Giving Birth

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Comic Verse, November Chapbook Challenge | 0 comments

What a fuss we women make giving birth!
I witnessed a sight which brought me down to Earth.
My cat  was down under my baby’s cot
in the old Moses basket we had got.
Not much of a sound she made, just a “mew” 
which woke me up and I saw there were two
very damp kittens which she was licking.
I closed my eyes, my sleep clock was ticking. 
Some time later a second little “mew” 
and I found she had birthed another few.
By morning we had seven little kits
with no fuss at all, no screaming, no fits.
I remembered then how loud I’d hollered
and all the fuss and bother that followed:
ten days spent resting in hospital bed;
ten days being taught how babes should be fed.
My little cat had birthed without a groan
and knew what to do next, all on her own.

Day 29 – Write a birth poem. Write a poem on the experience of giving birth or witnessing birth, or feeling reborn in anyway.