Put on your red shoes

by | Dec 3, 2012 | helium.com, Short Stories | 0 comments

“Put on your red shoes, honey, we’re going to a Christmas party.” 

My on-off boyfriend had always liked me in red shoes. In fact he liked anything red. I supposed he was going in his black shirt and trousers with his red tie. He liked us to co-ordinate when we went out together. I looked in my wardrobe to see what I could wear with my red shoes. A little black dress perhaps? No, that would look a bit tarty, I thought. Then I spotted a dress I hadn’t worn for a long time, and had forgotten all about. It was multi-coloured, but one of the predominant colours in it was red, so I could team that with my red shoes and handbag. I had a little red bolero to match this dress somewhere too, and the material they were made of wouldn’t crease when I packed them in my overnight bag.

I got dressed quickly in a grey trouser suit and red jumper. I would be able to travel light and wear the red accessories with both outfits. I looked for the ruby necklace and ear-rings set Carl had bought me for Christmas the year before. I suppose I had better wear the red lipstick he bought me as well. I hated it really, but he liked it. I wasn’t normally this accommodating, but we were going to a party with his friends, so I decided to placate him for once, and wear what he wanted me to.

I wondered what his new set of friends would be like. We hadn’t seen each other for six months, after I finished with him for the umpteenth time. It was all very amicable. We weren’t at all suited, but we were good friends, and chatted on the phone at least twice a week, and I was glad when he told me he had joined a social club and was going out every weekend with them.

Carl was already at the hotel with his friends. They had all gone for a long weekend starting on Friday night. I couldn’t spare the time, but I was driving up to join them in Manchester for their Saturday night party, and had booked a room at the hotel where the party was to stay in overnight. They were all going to party on the next day, apparently, but I would leave after breakfast. 

I checked into the hotel and went to my room to freshen up and relax before changing into my party outfit. Carl called me in my room.

“Are you wearing your red shoes?” he asked.

“Just for once, I thought I’d go along with your crazy idea,” I retorted. “Are you wearing your black outfit with a red bow tie?”

“No, but I am wearing red,” he replied, mysteriously. “I’ll see you at seven, on the way down to the party.” 

Sure enough, at seven o’clock there was a tap on my hotel room door. I opened it to find a glamorous lady in a scarlet dress standing outside.

“You didn’t tell me it was fancy dress,” I gasped.

“It isn’t,” Carl responded. “And tonight you should call me Carly. All my new friends do.”

“OMG! I said, looking enviously at his perfectly manicured red-painted nails. “How long has this been going on? You look very authentic.”

“Ever since you gave me your old clothes to take to the charity shop,” replied Carl. “We are about the same size, so I tried them on. I liked what I saw, and started cross-dressing for fun. Then I joined an on-line cross-dressers club, and we meet here once a month and party. Come and meet all the girls!”