Beware Seagulls

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Cornwall | 0 comments

I went in the chip shop for a pasty. It was very hot,
so I held it in my hand with the napkin that I had got.
But then as I was walking along, to my extreme surprise,
a seagull swooped down and snatched it, before my very eyes.

He only stole the upper portion of it, but even so
I wondered why he didn’t very quickly let the prize go.
His bombastic beak must be able to withstand huge heat,
or did he perhaps hold it tightly between his flippered feet?

They seem to have mastered their mission to a very fine art.
They just wait for the chip bag to open, and down they dart.
One poor young lady lost a premium piece of very hot plaice,
although the seagull swiftly dropped it, it was a dire disgrace –
her horrid husband aimed his big boot at the canny culprit
but the ¬†seagull came back for more – he just didn’t give a …. hoot!

So next time you are thinking of eating something on the hoof
be sure you cover all your food and remain all aloof
Do not encourage any manic marauding seagull.
Eating your fish and chips near saucy seagulls is never dull!