A night to remember in Perranporth

by | Dec 30, 2012 | Cornwall, Personal Memories | 0 comments

What a night to remember at Perranporth Inn,
‘though perhaps I really shouldn’t confess my sin!
The brandies were cheap, and we all celebrated
the result of chef’s daughter after she’d mated.

His baby grandson was born just before midnight,
much to our favourite hotel chef’s great delight.
The brandies were doubles and perhaps I lost count
but I am sure that I had a goodly amount. 

After midnight and my friends had all gone to bed
dressed in their nighties, I donned my tracksuit instead.
I sauntered down to the beach, the tide was well out,
I paddled in my sandals and started to shout
how happy I was here in my favourite place.
And then, just in case I had now fallen from grace,
I lay on the damp sand and looked up at the stars,
and tried to look for Jupiter, Venus and Mars.

For the first time in my life, I am very sure,
I wanted to be lying there with Patrick Moore! 
I wished that he was present there right at my side
and showing me around all the stars, as my guide.

I gazed with wonder at the millions of stars
and pondered about the planets so far from ours.
There must be more life than just in our world so small –
in the whole scheme of things, we’re hardly here at all!
I wondered where were Mercury, Pluto, Saturn,
and what were the names of the stars in a pattern?
I was struck with great awe at this amazing sight,
and wanted to lie there for the rest of the night.

I must have been gazing up for a hour or more,
lying there in the sand on my favourite shore,
studying the bright night sky in all its glory.
But now my eyes were starting to get quite weary.
I thought I’d better go back to my hotel street
before the rising tide came in and wet my feet!

Cornwall Sep 07 Perranporth Beach late evening