Haunted Heligan

by | Dec 30, 2012 | Cornwall | 0 comments

I do not know what is the best thing about Heligan Gardens –
whether it is the beauty of its majestic Rhododendrons,
or the lushness of the tropical specimens in its jungle.
All I know is that it is a super place for one to mungle.

A robin befriended us in the gardens around Flora’s Green,
and everywhere in the gardens that we went, he was there to be seen.
I am sure it was the same one, he seemed to have taken a shine
to our gregarious group of friends, and he stayed close all the time.

The second year that we went to Heligan, there he was again,
singing his head off as we wandered around glumly in the rain.
But it wasn’t too much longer before the sun came shining out,
and our robin was still keeping up with us, hopping all about.

Another year when we visited, there was something very strange
in one of the greenhouses: a ghostly vision came into range.
Three of our party saw the apparition, independently.
Nobody around us knew who on earth the ghost could likely be. 

One minute he was right there, watering all the plants with a can,
the next second, as my friend asked a question of the little man,
he had gone away again and was nowhere at all to be seen,
but there was definitely a wet patch round the plants where he’d been. 

So if you ever go to Heligan, look out for our robin,
and possibly you might get a visit from a ghostly goblin.
Out in the wilder woods you will find a mossy manly figure
which, each time I go there, I swear is getting a little bigger.