Padstow – (Padstein)

by | Dec 30, 2012 | Cornwall | 0 comments

There is a bustling town around Padstow harbour,
where you will find umpteen boats bobbing at anchor,
but the very first thing you’ll be wishing you’d had
is your fish and chips at the famous Rick Stein’s pad. 

The first place to go for is the one on the quay,
you’ll find it much cheaper than the other, you see.
Fried in dripping, the batter will be nice and thin
with chips to die for, and you can’t wait to begin. 

As you walk back to the town you’ll pass Stein’s posh pad
and you can compare the prices with those you’ve had.
But if you fancy a meal much later that night,
I am sure that whatever you eat will delight.

As you wander around all Padstow’s other streets
you’ll find more of his outlets, and even more eats.
I’m not sure how many there are, possibly nine,
whichever you visit, I know they will be fine. 

But there is more to Padstow than Rick Stein’s places,
there are many more shops there with other graces.
You could spend a whole day there browsing up and down,
but there’s much more to see than the shops in the town.  

There is the London Inn in a little back street,
where you might like a pint to escape from the heat.
You may get to hear some Cornish fishermen’s tales
while you are sampling the wonderful Cornish ales. 

If you follow the street further you’ll reach the church,
the ambiance inside there is well worth the search.
Then after you have enjoyed a good look around,
you may like a relaxing walk along the sound. 

Or maybe you’d prefer a walk along the beach
to that island out to sea, but it’s out of reach.
And save some of your time for a ferry boat ride
over the Camel Estuary at high tide.