The London Inn Padstow

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Oh to have these pretty pictures framed and hung upon my wall,
they bring back such pleasant memories that seem to say it all –
but I ‘ve lost the better photos that my lovely daughter took
and all I have got left now are these prints that do not look
like they will last much longer before the vibrant colour fades
and they will lose all their bright detail and their beautiful shades!
I am sitting here now at my desk, crying into my cup
so I think I’d better go away and do the washing up!  😥 

😉  I feel so much better now that I have had a little cry –
You see these pictures reminded me of when my man and I
spent a lovely summer evening there at a Cornish wedding.
We drank so much that night that we knew not where we were heading.
He went one way around the church, and I went round the other,
we stumbled round the graveyard, it was a bit of a bother.
But eventually we found it, my car I’d left in light
in the car park at the hilltop where we had to spend the night!