In a Japanese Garden

by | Dec 31, 2012 | Cornwall | 0 comments

On the way to Padstow we made a special journey
to the Japanese Garden and Bonsai Nursery.
In the village of St Mawgan, famed for being “best kept”,
we found these beautiful gardens and I could have wept.

There can be no more tranquil place on this earth I’m sure,
than here in this garden with its treats that were in store.
We found serene corners almost hidden from our view,
and a peaceful walkway through some woods of tall bamboo.

We passed a Buddha sitting with money in his lap,
and we found a metal ladder with a magic step.
As we looked closely, we just cound not believe our eyes –
straight from our Wicksteed Park it had come, what a surprise!

There were so many things to see in this tranquil wood
with lichen covered fallen branches, that must have stood
for centuries before these people came to cultivate.
We arrived very early, but stayed in there quite late.

We sat contemplating in the zen gravel garden,
wondering if our hearts would ever again harden,
and when we got to the Tea House there was a carved tree,
and I just had to hug it – it was so tactile you see.

Koi abounded in the ponds below the waterfall,
and at the end, just in case we hadn’t seen it all,
my friend and I were so impressed, we went round again,
and could only tear ourselves away when it began to rain!