Old Shoes, New Shoes

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Comic Verse | 0 comments

My favourite shoes are falling apart,
and I can’t wear them out when I am smart,
but when I’m walking with my dogs I feel
so comfortable, yet they’re down at heel.

I have got lots of other shoes of course:
some with heels that make me high as a horse,
some with ankle straps, some with long laces,
and some that make me pull pained grimaces.

There are none so comfortable as these:
they make me walk around the streets with ease
I feel like I’m wearing slippers with them on
I’ll be so sad when they’ve finally gone. 

I have worn those old shoes every day
to walk dogs in the park, and out to play,
but now they are getting so very old
and it is about time they were re-soled.

I bought some brand new shoes the other day
and kept them on my feet to wear away.
They were so comfortable,  and you see
my old walking shoes were very dirty.

My friends did not notice that they were new:
just like peas in a pod they were, the two.
I bought the exact same shoes from that store
years before, and I hope for ever more.