Pancake Day

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Comic Verse, Seasons | 0 comments

I made some batter, that bit came easy to me,
I whisked it up nicely and got the pan ready.
Then I heated up the oil until I saw smoke 
and poured in a measure of mix, that was no joke.
But now I knew would follow the best of the fun,
as I realised that one side was almost done.
I had seen pancake tossing many times before,
so why would mine be likely to fall on the floor?
I held the fry pan tightly and gave it a shake, 
the pancake was sliding around well, no mistake.
So I drew a deep breath, all ready for the toss, 
and hurled the pancake as high in the air as poss.
Up it went whirling, whirling high up in the air
the dogs got out of bed and were starting to stare.
They must have thought I was playing a game of catch
and quickly rushed forwards to be the first to snatch
the hot whirling pancake as it was falling down.
Then in my panic, the sleeve on my dressing gown,
caught itself on a knob by the wall unit door,
and I ended up dropping the pan on the floor.
But what happened after that  I haven’t a clue
because the pancake ended up over my shoe.
The frightened dogs had fled, and gone back to their bed,
cowering under their cover, hiding their head.
But not to be daunted, I soon made another.
Yet did I toss it this time? I didn’t bother!