Acrostic Poem

Put one egg in a basin
And add a spoonful of flour
Nutmeg, if you like, as well
Can make a bit of a change
Add some milk mixing up well
Keep pouring the batter in the pan
Eventually you will have
Some golden pancakes


Cinquain Poem

eggy, milky,
whisking, browning, tossing,
packed with sweet favourite fillings


Diamante Poem

eggy, milky,
mixing, whisking, pouring
creamy liquid. Golden circle,
steaming, browning, tossing,
sweetened, fruit filled 


A Nonet

put a
large egg in
a mixing bowl
with some flour and milk
and stirred the mixture well.
I browned the creamy batter
in my well oiled frying pan ’til
I had a crispy, golden pancake.


A Rondel Poem

The one time I tossed a pancake,
it flew up, then fell on the floor.
I thought I could do it for sure,
but then I made my big mistake.

In mid toss, my two dogs did wake,
as I caught my sleeve on a door,
it flew up, then fell on the floor,
the one time I tossed a pancake.

Back in their beds the dogs did quake.
They wanted the pancake for sure
but knew there’d be trouble in store
if they’d made an attempt to take
it without permission. Heartache,
the one time I tossed a pancake.