Valentine's Day

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Comic Verse, Seasons | 0 comments

But Mr Postman, only a bill and a junk mag?
Are you sure there’s nothing else lurking in your bag?
Where is my Valentine card? There must be
another envelope addressed to me.

Nothing there from the guy that bedded me last week,
while wooing me with words of love that he did speak?
Are you sure that he didn’t send a card
like he said that he would? Times must be hard!

Well, I believed him, more fool me!
Oh, how immature can one be?
I thought he meant every word,
but I suppose that is absurd!

Wait! There’s a delivery van,
maybe there’s flowers from my man.
Oh no, he’s taking them next door.
They’re not for me, that is for sure.

Maybe he will book a table,
take me out, if he is able.
Wine and dine me, hold a red rose
while on one knee he will propose.

How’d I answer? Would I say yes?
I’d make him wait a bit, I guess,
but then I’d look at him, I’d smile
and reply after a short while.

Would I say yes, would I say no,
or would I just tell him to go?
I think I’ve had enough of all his lies.
He can find another to tie his ties!