New Arrival – Day 1 April Chapbook Challenge

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Doggy Ditties, | 0 comments

He’s arrived! I know he’s so full of fun,
but start today as you mean to go on:
put everything small out of his reach;
and get some doggy rules ready to teach. 
Ignore his big brown eyes begging for more
or he will put on weight, of that I’m sure

You can take him with you to the pet store,
but do not give him all that he begs for. 
All that he needs is food, love and walking 
and he’ll listen to you when you’re talking.
He’ll need a nice warm bed in his own room,
he doesn’t need to be in your bedroom!

Put away those fattening doggy treats,
keep him close by your side while in the streets,
but you can let him run loose in the park, 
only keep him away from dogs that bark
and make sure that you clean up after him
and throw his mess into the doggy bin.

You’ll have a good companion for life:
he’ll stay by your side through every strife;
he’ll be honest faithful, loyal and true,
and he will watch everything that you do.
Treat him well and you will get your reward:
he will be your friend, your pet and your guard.