From the ridiculous to the sublime

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Comic Verse, Seasons | 0 comments

Eleven degrees out in the sun
at five o’clock at night?
I found that I definitely hadn’t
dressed myself quite right,
when I went out walking
with my dog, Myschka
and I kinda wished I
hadna worn so many clothes!

It was one of those
lovely days of Spring
when everything
was pleasing, teasing.
The birds were singing,
the bulbs were springing,
the trees were sprouting.
How we enjoyed our outing!

How different from a week ago
when we were battling through the snow
and fighting biting winds that blow
from the North Pole, although
we still went where we had to go,
wrapped up in scarf, gloves and hat,
not stopping for a friendly chat,
with icicles forming on my nose.

That’s British weather I suppose!
From the ridiculous to the sublime.
Clouds have come back again in time
for our Sunday walk before brunch,
and we’ll be glad to warm up over lunch.
Then next week, down will come the rain
and we’ll know that we’re in April again!