Blackberry and Apple Pie Walk

by | Oct 6, 2013 | Comic Verse, Doggy Ditties

Hey Jezzie, we went on a long, long walk today
over the park where we used to play.
We went in the car, not very far,
then Mum let me lead and choose the way.

Back on one of my favourite walks at last
we saw the green woodpecker fly swiftly past.
It squawked quite loud. You’d have been proud
that I managed to walk quite fast.

Mum was looking for pretty Autumn trees,
even taking photos on her knees
but she was too early,  better next week maybe, 
especially if we get a bit of a freeze!

It was very peaceful, no need to talk.
Mum picked some apples to go with her pork. 
Mum looked for cherries then picked some berries
which she ate without using a fork.

She said they were for blackberry and apple pie
but I think that could be a bit of a lie,
she ate them all, left me none at all,
she said they’d be bad for my belly.

Then I took her round past her swimming pool,
I like that bit of the walk, I think it’s cool.
I turned to go down the alley, but she wouldn’t let me
She said I would soon be feeling a fool.

I was getting very tired, she could tell,
but she said that I had done very well.
Then I found some chestnuts, Mum filled her pockets.
They’ll ward off the spiders who hate the smell.

Now I’m waiting patiently for my dinner,
Mum’s busy writing a literary winner.
There’s no apple pie, and I doubt that I
will get pork either, cos I’ve been a sinner.

I barked at a cat, I thought it looked neat.
(we’ve got two more cats now in the street).
Now Mum’s locked me away, and I have to say,
I’ll waste away if I don’t soon get to eat!

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