A One Syllable Story – My Garden Revamp

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Creative Writing | 0 comments

When I took my dog out for her walk, in the sun I might add, I got real wet when all at once it rained. I was wet through and had to change all my clothes when I got home, and rub down my dog with her cloth (is towel two syllables?) ere I could let her back in my lounge.

I was glad to see that the men in my yard were hard at work. The plants should come soon and they could then set them in the ground where the boss had told them to put them when he brought them. 

I was pleased that the job was soon to come to an end. It had been quite sad for me to see the plants that I had owned for some years chopped down and dumped. But now I hoped that I would have a nice yard that I could cope with when I was old. Shale, rocks, sand and stone where there used to be grass, bark, shrubs, trees and a huge pond meant that I would have no grass to mow, no weeds to pull, no pond to dredge, no shrubs to hack in Fall. That has got to be a good thing at least. So may that last for the rest of my life!

The cat next door does not like to walk on shale, so the fact that most of my yard is now shale means that he could not hide and lie in wait for my birds to come to feed and then pounce on them. But then I spied one of my frogs, who could not climb out of the new pond. He was well stuck and could not get a grip on the side of the pond. So I had one of the men put some small rocks in a pile in the pond so that he could get a grip, and then jump out and find a place to hide from the next door’s cat. 

It will all be good in the end, I am sure, but I know that I will miss my tall trees and large shrubs. New plants and young trees take so long to grow big. There will be no shade when it is hot, and I can’t stand the heat. But, I am sure I can buy a shade and walk with it to the part of my yard that will be screened with some shade. I can sit near the ash trees down the end when the sun is in the east, and on the slabs near my house when the sun is in the west, just like I used to do when my house was new.

I have gone back in time, I think, with my new bare yard. As they say: what goes round, comes round. Or is that the wrong way round? 🙂


Creative writing February homework:- Write a story of up to 500 words using words of only one syllable.