Another Milestone Approaches

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Poetry, | 0 comments

Now I am approaching seventy
I’ll have to accept my destiny.
Giving up work I cannot postpone
as I get closer to this milestone.
Retirement beware!

At fifty I was pretty nifty,
and still a bit sexy at sixty,
but at over three score years and ten
am I likely to charm any men?
Do I now care?

Too old to work, too young to retire,
hopefully not about to expire,
I’m starting to feel very afraid
of how I shall spend the next decade.
A life of boredom!

Will I be sat at home all alone
with no-one to talk to on the phone
except for a cold call sales person,
or a bright young door-to-door salesman?
Will I succumb!

Will I open junk mail sent to me?
Will I start watching daytime TV?
Will I do some sewing or knitting
or, like my grannie, sit crocheting?
No, no, not me!

Will I go shopping every day,
whether I need to or not, to say
that I have had some interaction
in my life with another human?
No, not likely!

Will I take trips on the bus for hours
to explore this countryside of ours?
Will I grow veg and start baking pies?
Will I stop putting makeup on my eyes
and sit looking glum?

No! My life won’t be so bad as that,
I’ve got a dog and might get a cat.
I’ll take long walks on good weather days
and sit outside soaking up the rays.
Fresh air here I come!

And on dark days I’ll lie late in bed
without work worries crowding my head
and I’ll read some books or even might
finish the novel I’ll start to write.
Free time will be fun!

I’ll go out on coach trips with my mates,
I’ll fill up my diary with lunch dates.
Plans and things to do I have plenty.
I look forward to being seventy!
Retirement, bring it on!