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    The moment I saw him I knew he was for me but that it
   probably would end in tragedy. Of course, I was right
      but I couldn’t resist him, try as I might. He was a
           butterfly, a will-o’-the-wisp, when he kissed,
                wow, you knew you had been kissed.
                    One look in his eyes, one touch
                          of his arm, and I fell under
                                         the hypnotic spell of……………….
                                          his magnetic charm……………….
                     That fleeting moment  I knew.
                 Our relationship grew through life’s
               troubles. I had never intended to keep
           him in shackles,  I wanted him to feel free
       but in one rash moment he asked to marry me.
     I knew it was meant so we gave it a try. Five years
      later alone again was I. It is impossible to cage a butterfly.