May Weather -Terza Rima Sonnet

by | May 20, 2015 | Creative Writing, Proper Poetry | 0 comments

May is the most beautiful month of the year
bringing flowers in glorious profusion
when we should be able to shed winter gear.

This May though there seems to be some confusion
and raincoats we need to stop us getting wet
even as we are nearing May’s conclusion.

The weather shows no sign of improving yet.
We’re still getting March winds and April showers
and they will carry on all through June, I’ll bet.

But let’s be thankful for all the May flowers
making gardens vibrant in every hue
that cheer us up in this weird climate of ours.

My favourites are pink, purple, white and blue
with splashes of red, orange and yellow too.

Terza Rima Sonnet rules:-
Eleven syllable count in each line and rhyming scheme aba, bcb, cdc, ded, ee

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