Rekindled Romance

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Creative Writing, Flash Fiction | 0 comments

Sitting on the M25 Janet was wondering why on earth she was doing this, meeting an old flame from her youth. But she knew if she didn’t she would always be wondering if it would have worked out.

She and John had been in love in the sixties. It had been a mutually irresistible passion that they felt for each other. But John was weak. He couldn’t resist Janet’s mates either and one day her schoolmate Jenny revealed that she and John had been seeing each other.

Janet had feigned nonchalance at the fact that Jenny had stolen her boyfriend. No-one suspected that she really still cared very deeply for him. Jenny even cried on Janet’s shoulder when her romance with him broke up a month later.

Eventually the traffic jam cleared and Janet felt the familiar butterflies in her tummy at the thought of meeting John again. She made it in good time to the restaurant in her old school town, where John had taken her on their first date.

Janet was shown to the secluded table in the corner. There was a red rose on the table, just like on their first date. History was repeating itself, she thought.

In came a very fat, very pompous looking man. He headed towards the table. Janet sort of recognised his face, but he didn’t look at all like the photos he had on Facebook. They must have been taken many years ago.

He sat down sheepishly, but Janet had already realised that they had nothing to say to each other.