To work or not to work, that is the question.

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Reflections | 0 comments

Six months after I left my old job, I am enjoying my retirement. However, it is summer and I have a nice garden to sit in and my young dog to amuse me. I am starting to wonder whether my new found enjoyment of life in retirement will last through the winter.

So far I haven’t touched my TV during the day, in fact I don’t sit down to watch TV at all until at least 9pm after I have put my dog to bed, when I try to catch up with all the programmes I have recorded. Inevitably I fall asleep about an hour later, then wake up at some point, try to watch them again from where I fell asleep, and I usually fall asleep again.

I am wondering if my interest in blogging, writing poetry and the occasional bit of fiction will wane during the winter and I might want to watch daytime TV instead. That always reminds me of being ill because the only times I have ever watched daytime TV in the past of course was when I was off sick.

Yesterday I got a call from my agency. Amazing that it is the first call I have received from this particular agency in six months, seeing as this is the agency for whom I was working for the last two years. My agency girl was amazed at the difference in my voice from the last time I spoke to her, the day I stopped working due to the pressure I was put under. She said I sounded like a different woman.

Well, I am a different woman. I am relaxed, chilled and in control of my life. The last time she spoke to me I was wound up, stressed and feeling like I could no longer cope.

She asked me if I was still looking for work. My reply?

I said that I was, so long as it was part time.

How can I turn work down if it is offered to me? Although I am seventy, I still have plenty to offer the working world and I still get a buzz out of business, even in my last job, until it got too stressful.

Even so, I had my fingers crossed that she was not ringing me to ask me to start in a job somewhere.Thankfully she was just ringing to find out my situation before she started back at work again after her August break.

I am not ready to go back into the rat-race yet. I am enjoying my retirement. I am liking getting up in the morning, still at the same time that I got up when I was at work, but I have no pressure to get the dog walked and get ready for work. I can now take my time sitting in the dog run with my morning coffee, then walk my dog when I feel like it.

I dread having to give all that up and return to work, but inevitably, if a job is offered to me I will probably accept it.